NMN Shotcrete Construction.

The method of pneumatically placing structural concrete, or shotcrete, can offer an alternative to certain applications of traditionally cast concrete to save time and money. Shotcrete’s versatility lends itself to all types of concrete applications both on and above grade; highways, bridges, channels, reservoirs, dams, buildings and parking structures have all successfully utilized the shotcrete method. Mix designs are delivered to the jobsite in conventional ready-mix trucks ready for application or can be mixed or batched on-site.

Advantages of Shotcrete.

  1. Formwork savings of 50 to 100% over conventional cast-in-place construction.
  2. Formwork does not have to be designed for internal pressures.
  3. Complex shapes require very little, if any, formwork.
  4. Crane and other equipment savings or elimination.
  5. Labor savings of at least 50% in repair applications.
  6. New construction speed savings of 33 to 50%.
  7. Speed of repair reduces or eliminates downtime.
  8. Better bonding to the substrate, which enhances durability.
  9. Adaptability to repair surfaces that are not cost-effective with other processes.
  10. Ability to access difficult-to-reach areas, including overhead and underground.